Snap Assist is a built-in feature that any Windows user can use across all versions of the operating system. You can use it with two or more windows, but splitting your screen into two will place two open windows, side by side. Click on and hold onto the first program while dragging it towards the top corner of your screen. Here you need to pretend as if you wish to throw the window off your screen via the top right or left corner of your screen. That’s how to get 4 Windows on your computer at the same time.

His has the left side button placed under the Left Click and Forward/Back scroll buttons. This particular button is a very soft touch button and is set to “Application Switch” by default. I had been squeezing this mouse while playing a game and activating the SNAP feature.

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The computer will then restart and Windows will restore to that previous point. Select either the Recommended restore or Choose a different restore point and press Next. You can create a restore point from the Control Panel or by searching ”Create a restore point” in the search bar. Click the Recovery tab and selectGet startedunder Reset this PC.

  • For example, it can also be used as a continuous backup software with the real-time sync feature, or hard drive transfer software with the disk clone feature.
  • The easiest way is to just grab the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB edition because it comes without pre-installed apps.
  • The best part is that most of the applications are free and readily available.

In contrast, the Second screen only option is great when you want to close the lid on a laptop and work only with the external monitor. Once you complete the steps, the display will shift to the orientation you selected. Under the ”Scale and layout” section, use the Resolution drop-down menu to select the correct pixel resolution.


This will open up the “Task Manager.” Click on the “Display” tab and select the screen you want to use. Today’s massive LED monitors and 4K TVs are exciting to look at but can be difficult to work with productively. Only the true masters of productivity know the true power of multitasking. The split-screen Windows 10 feature is a big selling point for the OS, allowing users to view up to four windows at once. The previous method required that you use the right/left arrows, but with this method, you will be using the up/down arrows.

Split Your Screen in Windows 11 and 10 With Snap Windows

Assuming that you have more than three windows open at the same time, select one of the application windows you want to snap to a quarter (or one-fourth) of the screen. When you left-click the title bar and hold down the mouse button, it will be resized, and it can be moved around. Use Snap Assist to fill up the other half of the screen.

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