You can customize how Storage Sense works and also use it to free up even more space than it normally would. Underneath Storage Sense, click “Configure Storage Sense or run it now.” From the screen that appears, you can change how often Storage Sense deletes files . To do this, you use Windows’ OneDrive Files on-Demand feature. With it, you can choose to keep only certain files on your PC, but still have access to all your other OneDrive files in the cloud. When you want to use one of those online files, you open it directly from the cloud.

For example, mail messages will be summarized in the Mail app’s tile, while the Weather app’s tile will show your weather forecast. There’s no shortage of high-quality media players on Windows devices. From Microsoft Photos to VLC, there are many programs to choose from. Many users may be stuck with QuickTime 7, which is no longer supported by Apple.

PCMag-Recommended Windows Accessoriesver: tap the Windows

Step 2) Click on the menu of which you have to take a screenshot. Perform the following steps to annotate your Screenshot in MS Paint. Step 2) Your screen will go dim for a second to indicate that the utility is opened. Now, you just need to take your screenshot by selecting the portion of the screen.

  • These screenshots can be viewed directly from the game bar and also from your files.
  • However, you cannot draw, paint, create an image from scratch, or paste from the clipboard.
  • Commonly known as the second-worst operating system in history, just after Windows Me, Windows Vista failed to live up to expectations.

A number of video editing tools and functions come with the software to let you delete fragments of video, remove background noise, and apply audio effects. Videos may be saved as WMV or uploaded to YouTube. The Game Bar is a great tool to record screen actions, but it has several limitations. It can only capture screen recordings on a single running application. If you’ve started recording from an app and you open another window on top of it, the new window will not be captured in the recording. It also won’t capture the desktop or file explorer.

Screen Recorder presentation

For some purposes, it may make sense to record your entire screen. You can, of course, change the default location by clicking on Browse, setting the destination folder and click on OK. Now that everything has been set up, simply click on Start Recording, and your Windows screen recording will begin. Professional-looking videos are the icing on the cake for blog posts, tutorials, reviews, lessons, and the like.

In macOS Mojave or later, you can change the default location of saved screenshots from the Options menu in the Screenshot app. You can also drag update the thumbnail to a folder or document. By default, the image editor will be opened whenever a screenshot is captured. If you do not want to use the image editor, you can disable this behavior in the settings dialog. Yes, there are many software out there that can help you remotely monitor your PC.

How do I get Windows 11?

Shrink it by uninstalling applications you’ll never use. That might be bloatware which came with your computer, takes up space, and potentially risks your safety and privacy. Don’t worry, your action center will show you a summary of what you missed while Focus Assist was enabled whenever you’re ready to let your mind wander. Simply start typing in the taskbar at the bottom of the search window, and Windows will get you what you need. What once was a button on the bottom of your screen has grown to become a full-screen experience with live “tiles” that show images and even advertisements.

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