Presence,authenticity, honesty, sensuality, intimacy, open-mindedness, connection,setting boundaries, respect, trust, love, daring to live, getting a genuine connection to oneself, to others and to life as whole. In short, this is what tantra means to us.

The idea of ME&WE Flow is to offer a variety of tantric events such as tantra evenings and workshops, regardless of sexual orientation or gender. Our intention is to bring tantra to the consciousness easily with the help of practical exercises without mysticism and theories.

Tantra means to us, accepting ourselves as we are. We are unique and valuable individuals and we have features that differentiates us from others. Thanks to tantra,trust in ourselves has increased and our self-esteem is stronger than before.We have also learned to be more gentle with ourselves and others. Being present is the main thing. We live in a world where we act too often with the”when… then” attitude. The past is history and the future is a mystery. The only real moment is the “here and now”, being present.

Thanks to tantra, all our senses and intuitions are more sensitive and we can enjoy even more of nature, people and the surrounding world. The meaning of tantra is to connect with oneself and with others in a deep level of encounter. Tantra opens up intuition and love for oneself and for others. Tantra is a very pragmatic approach to life and does not give ready answers by saying what is the purpose of life. Rather it gives recommendations to live consciously by identifying and enabling one’s own strengths.

Tantra offers spiritual growth through enjoyment. Sometimes spiritual growth can be manifested through heavy crises, but in tantra, it is opened through gentleness,sensuality and presence. These skills are best learned by living, experiencing and meeting other individuals by being genuine and present.

The tantric exercises can provide a deep connection between spirituality and the body through presence, encounters, boundaries and intimacy in a safe and kind manner.The exercises can include, for example, silence, sound, sensuality, sharing of experience, dancing, movement, and touch. Tantra also makes it possible to study your own sexuality and to get new nuances. The tantric exercises might help you to get tips for your sex life that can all be applied in your own time and in your own way. Sexuality is not emphasized in the ME&WE tantra events, nor is sex practiced, and there are is no nudity. Only through your own experience you can feel what is presence, closeness, sensuality, and love.

Welcome to meet and experience ME&WE Flow!