Customer Feedback

“Amazing experience of energies and freedom. An open journey into oneself towards connecting with others in the most intimate way.”
“I’m all bliss. That was so awesome. Thank you providing the opportunity to learn something new about myself.”

“You wonderful people always create such a safe space. It’s the best of every day luxury and I take so much home!”💞💖

“Tantra should belong to citizen’s rights!” ❤👏

“Big thank you for the arrangements. I enjoyed tremendously all the encounters, and I felt like I was “drunk” of love I’m so happy that I dared to indulge and I got so much love that I just wanted to keep hugging and kissing you all. I hope to be able to join you again in autumn and to meet you wonderful, beautiful,courageous and especially unique people. “❤️

“Thank you. Aaah, I feel soooo nourished. Oh, how much love and joy, lightness and playfulness, bubbles and exaltation in one single night.”

” Beautiful touch, life force, juiciness, sensitivity, presence. Just imagine that life could consist more of this. And it can, when we surrender – to ourselves. Even the last remains of fatigue disappeared – I feel full of glow. Thank you my dear ones, you held a very safe place where one can feel confident, empowered where one can experiment, enjoy and become filled with inspirational energy. You attract lovely people around you. I’ll definitely come “to bathe/take a dip” in your tantra evenings also in the future. “♥

“After the first tantra evening of my life, I can only say what wonderful energies!Every human being should be able to experience this feeling of acceptance and love. A big  thank you for all the encounters!”

“Thank you for the warm evening! ♥ Today I have such a calm and tender feeling. Spring troubles have been pushed aside at least for a while. “

“Thank you very much for the tantra evening also from my behalf. There is so much love,acceptance and marvelous encounters. Let these shine. “

“Thanks for the tantra evening! Afterwards I feel so relaxed and I had fun too. There was room for both shyness and courage. Thank you to the facilitators and to all participants. I warmly recommend this as well to first-timers as to people already with tantra experience! “❤️

“Thank you! With a professional, loving and safe presence, today you created a wonderful evening together. “♥

“Thanks to everyone for all the warm encounters. You created a loving atmosphere, where I was able to feel and encounter in a safely manner.”

“I feel like a dessert bowl full of wonderful tastes and colors, thanks to the beautiful evening together full of miracles. My heart beats for the whole group and for the great facilitators.”

“These tantra evenings have opened my heart, calmed my mind, and healed my soul’s wounds. They have changed the direction of my life and my attitude towards myself and others. The world is full of gentleness and presence that I have not known before. I myself, am full of sensitivity and acceptance that I wasn’t aware of in the past. I am so grateful that I found this new way to encounter other human beings and to be met as well. ♥ Thank you!”

“A big and warm thanks to all the participants! ❤️ The encounters were filled with such feelings that I could not have expected before the evening! One could feel the tension of a first-timer and I even thought several times of leaving even before the start of the evening.Luckily I decided to stay and could go through all the feelings I had during the evening! You made quite a tremendous Friday night! THANK YOU!”