About us

Marika has been trained as Tantric Life Coach® and has been familiar with tantra under the guidance of various teachers for 15 years. She has studied Chinese medicine and phytotherapy. To promote health and well-being are important to her, and tantra has strengthened her in this field too. Thanks to tantra, she has learned to appreciate and understand more herself, and the relationship with the surrounding world has become more loving. Tantric encounters have been an important and very natural way to experience presence, intimacy and sensuality with different people. 💕

Timo has been on the tantric path for years and the journey continues. He is currently studying to become Tantric Life Coach®. Tantra has helped Timo explore, love, and be gracious to himself. The feeling of insufficiency has changed into the joy and happiness of being present. Every day tantra is a way of life for him and it originates from his own needs. His motto for life is: life is dangerous, so live it bravely. ❤️

The tantra evenings and courses give an excellent opportunity to meet other humans as humans. Even though we are presenting ourselves in more detail here, you can leave home your CV, education, job, title and all other so-called unnecessary things and status. In our events, we use all our senses to encounter another person. Sometimes even words may be unnecessary. As humans we are physics, chemistry and spirituality.

Give yourself an opportunity to experience something unique every time! Warmly welcome you to our tantric events either by yourself or together with someone!

A Tantric Life Coach® is a tantra Instructor trained by Awarenesstherapy. Tantric Life Coaches are familiar with individual training, body work, and facilitating both tantra courses and workshops.